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  • Hybridization of Nitrogen.

    Why does Nitrogen adopt an sp2 hybridization rather than an sp3 hybridization? (Such as in amide groups.)

  • physical chemistry 13

    At 90 oC, the vapor pressure of 1,2-di methylbenzene is 20 kPa and that of 1,3-dimethylbenzeneIs 18 kPa. (a) What is the composition of a liquid mixture that boils at 90 oC when the pressureis 19 kPa? (b) What is the composition of the vapor produced?

  • Lifesaver points

    48. Which of the followingresults in a decrease in entropy?a. O2 (g) at 300K® O2 (g)at 400 Kb. H2O (s) at0°C ® H2O(l) at 0°Cc. N2 (g) at25°C ® N2 (aq) at 25°Cd. NH3(l) at –34.5°C ® NH3 (g) at–34.5°C

  • energy

    Determine which of the following kinds of light contain enough energy to break chemical bonds in biological molecules by calculating the total energy in 1 mol ofphotons for light of each wavelength.visible light (500nm)ultraviolet light (150nm)infrared light (1500nm)

  • Draw the major organic product.

    Please explain with the mechanism if possible! thanks!

  • plz help

  • Calculating the percentage of chloride in a sample?

    A silver chloride precipitate weighing 0.2255 grams was obtainedfrom 0.3448 grams of a soluble salt mixture. Calculate thepercentage of chloride in the originalsample.This is basically the same question that I have posted in myprevious post. The answer should be 16.18%, free points for anyonewho can show me how to do this simplecalculation!

  • Dissolved mass

    A solution contains an unknown amount of dissolved magnesium. Addition of 4.26×10-2 mol of Na2CO3 causes complete precipitation of all of the magnesium.What mass of magnesium was dissolved in the solution?

  • What is the binding energy of an electron in a photosensitive metal (in kJ/mol) if the longest...

    plz leave simple fomulas and answer..

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  • Homework question

    Can anyone please show me the right answer for this question?I will be very grateful and will not fail to rate.Question:Give the two substitution products (skeletal isomers) when thefollowing compound is added to a solution of sodium acetate inacetic acid.

  • solubility Curve

    If 50 grams of water saturated with KClO3 at 23deg. C isslowly evaporated to dryness, how many grams of the dry salt willbe recovered?

  • Mechanism PLEASE HELP

    6. Propose asuitable mechanism and a suitable product:

  • Calculate the empirical formula of the compound.

    A.)A compound was analyzed and found to have the following percent composition: nitrogen, 9.67%; hydrogen, 2.78%; iodine, 87.55%. Calculate the empirical formula ofthe compound.B.)A compound with the empirical formula CH2 was found to have a molar mass of approximately 84 g. What is the molecular formula of the compound?

  • HW Problem: Applying Enthalpy

    I kindly ask to demonstrate how it was solved. Thank you :)

  • Lattice Energy

    Which of the following reactions is associated with the lattice energy of Li2O (H°latt)?A. Li2O(s)---->2 Li+(g) + O2-(g)B. 2 Li+(aq) + O2-(aq)---->Li2O(s)C. 2 Li+(g) + O2-(g)----->Li2O(s)D. Li2O(s)---->2 Li+(aq) + O2-(aq)E. 2Li(s) + 1/2 O2(g)---->Li2O(s)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • What is the major product of the following reaction?

    EtOH-------------->cat. H2SO4What is the major product of the reaction above?

  • Difference of melting points for BeFCl and BeCl2

    The alkaline earth metal beryllium, Be, is very small and forms covalent compounds instead of ionic compounds. Knowing this what type of solidswould BeFCl and BeCl2 form and which would have the higher melting point?

  • Two workers are exposed to the same radiation source

    Two workers are exposed to the same radiation source. One approaches an unshielded source to within 5 meters and remains that close for 1 hour. A second workerapproaches to within 5 meters behind a shield that attenuates 60% and remains there for 20.0 minutes. What is the ration between the absorbed doses for the twoworkers?

  • quantum numbers, will rate lifesaver

    Calculate the maximum number of electrons that can have the quantumnumbers n=4 and l=3.Calculate the maximum number of electrons in the n=1, n=2,n=3, andn=4 shells of orbitals.Then, determine the number of electrons in a Vanadium atom forwhich the principal quantum number,n, is 3.Help on any or all of these parts would be extremely helpful.