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  • Given the Ksp what is the pH?

    What is the pH of a saturated solution of lead(II) hydroxide? The Ksp= 4.0 X 10-15.a)4.7 b) 7.2c)9.0 d)9.1 e) 9.3show all the steps to solving the problem

  • Base/Acid Ratios in Buffers

    Part BHow many grams of dry NH_4Cl need to be added to 2.50L of a 0.800M solution of ammonia, NH_3, to prepare a buffer solution that has a pH of 8.71? K_b for ammonia is1.8X 10^{-5}.

  • periodic table halogen group question

    For the halogen group can you comment on the formation of halo, oxo, and hydro complexes.

  • anti-addition mechanism

    The answer is c,since I already have it lifesaver karma will go to the person who best explains/shows/helps me understand the specifics of the reaction and how/why it proceeds andmaybe why the others do not, thank you for ur help

  • Acids, base, and salts

    What is the hydronium ion concentration of a solution that is1.5 molar acetic acid and 0.20 molar sodium acetate?Please help? None of my calculations work.

  • Gen Chem 2 Lab unknown moles of solute

    Two students prepare two cyclohexane solutions having the same freezing point. Student 1 uses 26.6g of cyclohexane solvent, and student 2 uses 24.1g of cyclohexanesolvent. Which student has the greater number of moles of solute? Kf cyclohexane = 20.0

  • ochem naming

    name the following alkene:

  • Ethers

    synthesize an asymmetric ether viaacid-catalyzed dehydration. What two alcohols would you use if yourgoal was to synthesize butyl hexyl ether viaacid-catalyzeddehydration of two alcohols?a) draw the structure of the UNDESIREDether with the MOST number of carbonsb) draw the skeletal structure of theUNDESIRED elimination product with the MOST number ofcarbons

  • Life savers plz help due today

  • about this problem A steel tank, which has a volume of 438 L and is filled with 0.885 kg of O2...

    The new measured pressure is 1.48 atm. How many grams of O2 remain?

  • Organic Alkyne Reactions!! Will Rate Life Savor!!!

    Draw the organic products formed in each reaction along with the mechanism.reacts with H2O, H2SO4

  • TLC lab

  • how do i determine the long wavelength limit?

    How to determine long wavelength limit?i have a absorption diagram of a photoconductor, how do i determine the long wavelength limit?

  • What would be the result of the reaction of the compound with HBr?

    What would be the result of the reaction of the compound with HBr?

  • How many MG atoms are in an MG sample with a mass of 2.071x10(to the)4 amu

    I just have no idea how to approach this.

  • calculate solution pH

    A solution containing 0.125M of a weak base (pKb = 5.00) is to be titrated using 0.568M HClO4.Calculate the solution pH at 2.00% of Ve, and at 5.00mL past Ve.I calculated the equiv point to be 22.01mLs, but I do not know for sure how to finish. Can you explain steps for before and after e.p.??

  • solubility product constants

    Now consider the reverse reaction,Cu(NH3)42+ Cu2+ + 4NH3What is the equilibrium constant for this reaction? 10Begining with the "final" concentrations from the table above AND taking equilibrium into account this time, please complete the following reaction table.Cu(NH3)42+ Cu2+ + 4NH3initial 11M 12M 13M14M 15M 16Mequilibrium 17M 18M 19MWhat percentage of the original Cu2+ is still present as free Cu2+ after addition of the NH3? 20 %So, how good was the original assumption that all the Cu2+ would be present as Cu(NH3)42+?

  • Ka and pH

    the pH of a 0.300 M soln of HCN is 5.20. Calculate the Ka value for HCN. Is the answer 1.32 x 10^-10 ?

  • Predicting products

    Predict the structure for the major monobrominated product of the compound below.PLEASE show the structure and explain your work. WILL RATE LIFESAVER

  • Nuclear Chemistry

    What charge (in Coulombs) is required to oxidize 1.0 g of silver to silver(I) ions? (F = 96480 C/mol e?)