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  • Precipitation

    A 75.0mL. sample of 1.48*10-2 MNa2S04 (aq) is added to 75.0mL. of1.22*10-2 M Ca(NO3)2 (aq). What percentageofCa2+ remains unprecipitated?

  • Help on Lattice Points

    Sketch the [1-10] direction within the (111) plane realtive to a fcc unit cell. Include all atom-center positions within the plane of interest

  • write the name of the organic product....please help!!!

    Write the name of the major organic product obtained from thereaction between: a) styrene and 1 mol H2 over Pdb) butylbenzene and sodium dichromate (Na2Cr2O7) in thepresence of acidc) m-nitroisopropylbenzene and potassium permanganate(KMnO4) in the presence of waterfollowed by acid

  • Name of the product

    Type in the name of the organicproduct Aproduced by the reactionbelow.

  • NMR coupling

  • Banana

    A sample of bananas in water is found to have a [H3O1+] = 2.51 x 10-5M. What is the pH of the solution? Are bananas acidic (A), basic (B), or neutral (N)?

  • Organic Chemistry

    Indicate the product of this acid-base reaction: HCL + CH3=O=CH3

  • Diels Alder Rxns

    Can someone please help me? I don't understand this at all.Draw the exo and endo product for the reaction of cyclopentadiene and maleic anhydride. Which one will be favored?

  • Chemically equivalent protons

    How many different sets of chemically equivalent protons are present?(CH3)3H

  • pH

    HCl(g) was dissolved in a 0.080M KCN solution until the Cl- concentration was 0.010M. What is the pH of the solution? (HCN pKa=9.22)

  • How would each of the following affect the accuracy of the calculated neutralizing power of antacid (too high, too low, or no effect) a

    How would each of the following affect the accuracy of the calculated neutralizing power of antacid (too high, too low, or no effect) a. The titration flask was wet with distilled water when the antacid was added. b. The buret was not rinsed with NaOH solution before titrating, and water was in the tip. c. The antacid was not cut in half exactly before weighing. d. The solution mixture of reacted antacid and excess HCl spattered out of the flask during boiling.

  • Enthalpy of Hydration of Sodium Acetate

  • Mole-Mass Calculations

    how much nitric acid (HNO3), in grams is needed to produce 2.00 moles of water in the chemical reaction.Fe2O3 + 6 HNO3 ===> 2Fe(NO3)3 + 3 H2O

  • structure and bonding

    20.Which of the following structures has carbon atoms which areall sp3-hybridized? A. B. C. D. E.

  • Nucleophilic Substitution?

  • newman projections of 2-chloropentane

    Draw newman projections of six conformers of 2-chloropentane focusing on C2-C3 bond.

  • Reactions

    Draw the skeletal structure of the major organic product in each of the reactions.

  • Confused...titration

    WA + SB titration: HCN with KOH, at the 5 spots in the titration, plus choosing the indicator.a. initial pHb. after 10.00 mL of KOH have been addedc. 1/2 way to the equivalence pointd. at the equivalence pointe. 5.00 mL after the equivalence pointf. which indicator would you choose to signal the endpoint, and why?

  • Calculate (Delta)H of reaction at 28 C

    For each of the following reactions, calculate (Delta)H rxn at 28 degrees celcius:A) 2CH4(g)--> C2H6(g)+H2(g)B) 2NH3(g)--> N2H4(g)+H2(g)C) N2(g)+O2(g)--> 2NO(g)D)2KCLO3(s)--> 2KCL(s)+3O2(g)


    a 0.1025 g samle of copper metal is dissolved in 35 ml of concentrated HNO3b to form CU+2, ions and then water is added to make a total volume ofd 200.0 ml. How tocalculate molarity of CU 2+?