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  • Engineering Mathematics - Q1-A

  • Its a tenstion problem

    A traffic light at an intersection is hanging from two wires of equal length making angles of 10 degrees below the horizontal. The traffic light weighs 2500N. What arethe tensions on the wire?

  • What's the slope form?

    What's the Slope form?

  • Find the limit

    \(\lim_{x \rightarrow 0^{+}} \sqrt{x}^{\sqrt{x}}\) If you can't tell, this is from x to 0 from the right.I got it to \(e^{\lim_{x \rightarrow 0^{+}} {\sqrt{x} ln (\sqrt{x})}}\) but I don't know how to proceed from here...need adetailed explination please, so I can understand this better!! Thank you

  • What can you say about the ratio z1/z2?

    Suppose z1; z2 are two complex numbers that satisfy abs(z1 + z2) = abs(z1) + abs(z2)What can you say about the ratio z1/z2?

  • aKwu1 Need Help

    The rate of growth dP / dt of a population ofbacteria is proportional to the square root of t, whereP is the population size andt is the time indays (0 ≤ t ≤ 10) as shown below.The initial size of the population is 500. After 1 day the population has grown to600. Estimate the population to thenearest whole number after 9 days.1

  • Random Variable

    Let the r.v.'s and represent the temperature of a certain object in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, repectively. Then, it is known that , so that .(i) If , determinethe distribution of .(ii) If , thenalso , forsome . Determinethe numbers and .(iii) We know that: , ,and . Calculate theintervals , for which is, respectively , equal to .

  • ChainRule In Several Variables

  • Calc HW 7.1-7

  • Rolling Dice

    Given a fair, six-sided dice, what is the probability of rolling the dice twice and getting a "1" each time?

  • critical values, maximum, minimum, or neither

    find critical value(s) and local maximum and local minimum or neither

  • Moment generating functions

    Let Y=Σ from i=1 to n of Xi where Xi are independent geometric random variables with parameter p. Find the moment generating function of Yand use the moment generating function of Y to find E(Y) and V(Y).I know I have to put the summation into the MY(t) equation so E(etΣxi) but I don't know where to go from here.

  • probability in excel

    7. The amount of moisture content (in kilograms) in a 25-kilogram wheel of cheese is distributed N(9, 0.9)a. What is the probability that the moisture content of a wheel:i. Exceeds 10 kilograms?ii. Is less than 8.5 kilograms?iii. Differs from the mean by more than .45 kilograms?b. 99% of wheels contain less than what weight of moisture?

  • Finding area of the shared region by two polar equations

    Given the two polar equations and Find the area of the region common to both curves. Show all work and steps. If someone has the solution manual for Calculus of a single variable 9th ed, itsproblem number 42 Chapter 10 section 5

  • interior angles of a triangle

    FInd the interior angles of triangle ABC where A=(2,-3) B=(4,2) C=(-5,-2)

  • find the value of the expression

    Using the periodic properties of trigonometric functions,find the value of the:

  • please help - engineering math

  • Types of data

    Instructions:Form a conclusion about statisticalsignificance.Do not make any formalcalculations.Eitheruseresults provided or makesubjective judgments about theresults.Questions:Mendel's Geneticsexperiments: One of Gregor Mendel's famous hybridizationexperiments with peasyielded 580offspring with 152 of thosepeas (or 26%) having yellow pods. According to Mendel's theory.25%of the off spring peas should have yellow pods.Do the results oftheexperiment differ from Mendel's claimed rate of 25% by anamount that is statistically significant?.Help with this question ,please.

  • -4(x+4)=-2(2x+8)


  • 3 Stats Questions. Please do not substitute numbers in question.

    4. Find the value of z such that approximately 47.93% of the distribution lies between it and the mean.5. Assume that the average annual salary for a worker in the United States is $35,000 and that the annual salaries for Americans are normally distributed with astandard deviation equal to $6,500. Find the following:(A) What percentage of Americans earn below $26,000?(B) What percentage of Americans earn above $40,000?Please show all of your work.6. X has a normal distribution with a mean of 80.0 and a standard deviation of 4.0. Find the following probabilities:(A) P(x < 78.0)(B) P(75.0 < x < 85.0)(C) P(x > 82.0)