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  • Is the following true or false and why?

    An inspector correctly identifies defective products 90% of the time. For the next 10 products, the probability that he makes fewer than 2 incorrect inspections is0.736.

  • Vectors..10 pts (4)

    Let Calculate:___,____,____ ___,____,___ ___,___,___

  • Linear Programming Problem

    Formulate but do not solve the following exercise as a linear programming problem.A financier plans to invest up to $600,000 in two projects. Project A yields a return of 10% on the investment of x dollars, whereas Project B yields a return of 14%on the investment of y dollars. Because the investment in Project B is riskier than the investment in Project A, the financier has decided that the investment inProject B should not exceed 40% of the total investment. How much should she invest in each project to maximize the return on her investment P in dollars, and whatamount is available for investment?

  • Please check my essay!! (LIFESAVER)

    I'm sorry to post this on Calculus, but I need your help!!Please check my essay. I'll give you LIFESAVER if you correct mygrammar and fix it to very smooth English.I'm not a native English speaker...This essay is persuasive essay.My topic is "sodas and high-sugar foods should not be sold inpublic school vending machines."Thank you!!Sodas and high-sugar foods should not be sold in publicschool vending machinesMost students get money from their parents. They take the money totheir schools and use it fortheir consumption. The thing which welay eyes most often at school is a vending machine. It sells thesweet foods and drinks that students like most.Itisconvenient to be able to buy these products for less than twodollars, but these are very unwholesome. Today, the numbers ofchildren, who are having cavities,obesity, and bone fractures bysmall accidents, are increasing because of sodas and high-sugarfoods.Children tend to have cavities. That is because foods includingsugar and a soda are beingconsumed two quarts per day. The reasonwhy these kinds of children exist is the advertising effect ofCoca-Cola. The Coca-Cola company aims at least 25 % ofconsumptionevery year. Therefore, this company is increasing young children ascustomers for increasing efficiently. A soda has strong acidity, soa tooth melts whenit soaked in the soda.This drink beginsto melt a tooth in one minute. This strong acid drink will be thecause of a cavity. Moreover, the probability thatthe students whodoesn't blush their teeth will be a cavity is very high.Obesity is a huge problem in the United States right now. Manypeople believe that the cause ofobesity is a fast food likeMcDonald, but sodas and high-sugar foods in vending machines arealso the cause of obesity. A fruit juice, for example, an orangejuice ishealthier than a soft drink; however, the orange juice isactually the high-sugar and high-calorie beverage. If the studentsdo not exercise after drinking this kindof beverage, they have apossibility to become obesity. By the way, American Institute ofMedicine assumes that a commercial of a food scarce in thenutritive valuerelated to overweight by the high calorie whichmade the child a target, so USAIM asks self-imposed control orintervention of the U.S. government. For obesitymeasure,University of Chicago agrees that public schools should not selldrinks with a lot of sugar and the milk which fat is not removed.Big eleven traders such asMcDonald and Pepsi Company agreed tostop advertising junk food to less than 12-year-oldchildren.Born fracture by sodas and soft drinks is increasing inthe past 30 years. According to Journal of Adolescent Health in1994, 76 girls and 51 boys were a bornfracture by the soft drinksand high-calorie beverages. The soft drinks make the bone fracturerate of girls triple, and Coca-Cola makes the bone fracture rateofquintuple. From this result, the girls’ bone densities thatdrink Coca-Cola are low. In my middle school and high school manystudents were in plaster because oflittle exercises and smallaccidents. Thus, sodas and soft drinks have bad influence on ourbones.Cavities, obesity, and bone fractures by sodas andhigh-sugar foods are increasing between the children because of thevending machines that are located in theirschools. Therefore, Ithink it is better for there to be no vending machines installed ina public school.

  • Surface slope

    Find the slope of the surface given by in the direction of 'x', evaluate at point .a) 0b) ec) 2+2ed) e) 2eShow process.

  • Probability Question with Socks

    Pretend that I have 50 pairs of socks, and each pair is a different color. Suppose all 100 socks are mixed up in a laundry basket. In the dark, I pull out 40 socks atrandom. Part a. What is the probability that I have 20 matching pairs. Part b. What is the probability that I have AT LEAST one matching pair. Part c. What is theprobability that I have EXACTLY k matching pairs. Please leave your answers involving terms like n choose k.My thoughts, obviously, the sample space is 100 choose 40, but where I'm struggling is the actual count of the 3 events. For Part b. it seems simpler to determine thecomplement (no matchings pairs) and then doing 1- the complement. Please help!!

  • A First Course in Probability 8th Edition ch. 6, prob 34P

    The problem states "Jay has two jobs to do, one after the other. Each attempt at jobs i takes one hour and is successful with probability pi. If p1 =.3 and p2 = .4,what is the probability that it will take Jay more than 12 hours to be successful on both jobs?"

  • Dirivative HELP!

    Find the derivative of y=sin-1(x2)

  • graphing functions

  • particular solution of differential equation

    Find the particular solution of the differential equationx^2/(y^2-7) dy/dx=1/2ysatisfying the initial condition y(1)=8 .

  • Draw described figures

    Step 3: Enter your full question details hereLine L is parellel to plane A, plane A is parellel to plane B, and line L is not parellel to plane B.

  • for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4

    for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4<t<4) x=t^2 y=t^3

  • trig lifesaver

    Use the half-angle formulas to determine the exact values of thesine, cosine, and tangent of the angle.165°3 sin(165°)=19 cos(165°)=23 tan(165°)=3

  • Integration

    Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent.

  • Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

    Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

  • help me +++++ ANOVA ( minitab 16 )

  • Hyperbolic function

    Prove the hyperbolic function formula: sinhx(2x)=2sinhxcoshx

  • limits (precise definition) will rate

    I need to use thedelta epsilon definitionI can get but Idon't know what to do from here because I can'tfactor it any further.

  • solve the initial value problem

    y"+y=2+x y(0)=1, y'(0)=2

  • Partial Derivatives

    Find the indicated partial derivatives.41. f(x,y,z)= y/(x+y+z), fy(2,1,-1)