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  • Stats Homework

    An insurance company, based on past experience, estimates the mean damage for a natural disaster in its area is $ 5,000. After introducing several plans to preventloss, it randomly samples 200 policyholders and finds the mean amount per claim was $ 4,800 with a standard deviation of $ 1,300.Use the .05 significance level.1. What is the population in this case? What is the sample? How big is the sample?2. State your null and alternative hypotheses.3. What kind of tests do you plan to use? Why?4. Calculate the required test statistics and find the p-value associated with it.5. Do you reject Ho or accept Ha ? Why?6. Does it appear the prevention plans were effective in reducing the mean amount of a claim?What should the insurance company do?

  • 10

    find the tangent line of the curve y=1/2 at x=2

  • math

    Let Qo: R^2->R^2 be a reflection in the Xaxis,let Q1:R^2->R^2 be reflection in the line y=x,let Q-1:R^2-.R^2 be a reflection in the line y=x,and letRpi/2:R^->R^2 be counterclockwise rotation through pi/2 show that Q1 o Rpi/2 =Qo and show that Rpi/2 o Qo= Q1

  • Discre

  • equation

  • transformations

    graph it..y=-1/2f(1/2x+1)-1write all transformations step....

  • Equation of a Conic Section

    Will ratelifesaver if correct!

  • angular velocity 3

    find the radius of a circle, to the nearest whole number, when the arc is 32 inches and the central angle is π.

  • Find general solution of each reducible second order differential equasions.

    y''=(x+y')2Anyone who can help me figure this out is a lifesaver.

  • area and distance under a curve using midpoints

    The velocity graph of a car accelerating from rest to a speed of60 km/h over a period of 30 seconds isshown. Estimate the distance, d traveled duringthisperiod. (Use M6 to get the most preciseestimate. Round the answer to two decimal places.)d = kma = 20

  • Cylindrical Coordinate Proof

    Using the cylindrical coordinate system, prove that(a) ?f + ? × [az ln(r)] = 0(b) ?[ln(r)] - ? × (az f ) = 0az is the unit vector in the z direction same as unit vector 'k' in some bookslike --> i + j + k = ax + ay + az

  • The Municipal Transit Authority serves 151,000 commuters daily when the fare is $1.97. Market...

    The Municipal Transit Authority serves 151,000 commuters daily when the fare is $1.97. Market research has determined that every penny decrease in the fare will resultin 1,150 new riders. What fare will maximize revenue?

  • nonlinear differential equation

    I know that there is some kind ofsubstitution involved but I have no idea where to start.


    Use partial fraction decompisition to find the inverse Laplacetransform.F(s) =

  • Math

    59 freshmen were interviewed about the classes they weretaking this semester.27 were taking science18 were taking math22 were taking english8 were taking science and math7 were taking science and english7 were taking english and math2 were taking all three classesHow many were not taking any science, english, andmath?How many are taking exactly one of science, english, andmath?

  • Power Series (20 #4)

    The function is represented as a power seriesFind the FOLLOWING coefficients in the power series. Find the radius of convergence of the series. .

  • Other Math Photo Question

  • Renewal Process

    Consider a system consisting of N components, all working independent of each other, and with life spans of each component exponentially distributed with mean ?^(-1).When a component breaks down, repair of the component starts immediately and independent of whether any other component has broken down. The repair time of eachcomponent is exponentially distributed with mean ?^(-1). The system is in state n at time t, if there is exactly n components under repair at time t. This is a birthand death process.Let ?=? and assume that all N components are working. Find the distribution function F(t) of the first time, when 2 components does not work.

  • Analytical Geometry

    <DIV>Which of the following is the equation of a circle?</DIV><BR><DIV>a. y = (x+4)<SUP>2</SUP> + 2</DIV><BR><DIV>b. x<SUP>2</SUP> + y<SUP>2</SUP> - 6x + 8y = 0</DIV><BR><DIV>c. 4x<SUP>2</SUP> - y<SUP>2</SUP> = -64</DIV><BR><DIV>d. (y+3)<SUP>2</SUP>/16 + (x+2)<SUP>2</SUP>/36 = -1</DIV>

  • Series Solution

    Find a series solution for the following differential equation:y" - xy' + 2xy = 0y(0) = 3, y'(0) = 1Identify at least the first 6 coefficients (from c0 to c5)