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  • Draw described figures

    Step 3: Enter your full question details hereLine L is parellel to plane A, plane A is parellel to plane B, and line L is not parellel to plane B.

  • for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4

    for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4<t<4) x=t^2 y=t^3

  • trig lifesaver

    Use the half-angle formulas to determine the exact values of thesine, cosine, and tangent of the angle.165°3 sin(165°)=19 cos(165°)=23 tan(165°)=3

  • Integration

    Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent.

  • Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

    Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

  • help me +++++ ANOVA ( minitab 16 )

  • Hyperbolic function

    Prove the hyperbolic function formula: sinhx(2x)=2sinhxcoshx

  • limits (precise definition) will rate

    I need to use thedelta epsilon definitionI can get but Idon't know what to do from here because I can'tfactor it any further.

  • solve the initial value problem

    y"+y=2+x y(0)=1, y'(0)=2

  • Partial Derivatives

    Find the indicated partial derivatives.41. f(x,y,z)= y/(x+y+z), fy(2,1,-1)

  • average rate of change

    Let f(x)=8x2. Find a value A such that the average rate of changeof f(x) from 1 to A equals 88i cantremember to do this. please help

  • quick question

    if a function has cusps, endpoints, jumps, holes or verticalasymtotes, the derivative does not exist.correct ?

  • Intro to quadratic equations


  • how many different ways

    A spymaster has a network of 11 operatives whom he pays out of a slush fund containing $24000. For accounting reasons, his service requires him to use up his entirefund and to pay his operatives in integer multiples of $1000.(a) How many different ways can he pay his operatives?(b) Since an unpaid operative is unreliable, the spymaster decides that every operative will get at least $1000. With this rule, how many different ways can he pay hisoperatives?How do I approach this problem?

  • Normal distribution with change of variables

    Temperatures in August are distributed normally with a mean of75 degrees and variance of 16 degrees squared. Using the change ofvariables technique, find the pdfof temperature measured inCelsius.F = 9/5 C + 32is the relation between Farenheitand Celsius

  • Geometry

    Explain why any complex number u with |u|=1 can be written in the form cos theta + i sin theta for some angle theta, and conclude that multiplication by u rotates thepoint 1 ( and hence the whole plane) through the angle theta

  • Integration

    What is the integral of f(x) between limits 1 and 2Where f(x) = (x^2 - x + 1) / xThank you.

  • solve the initial value problems using the method of Laplace transforms...

    y' + y = g(t) y(0)=1 g(t)={1, 0<x<12, x>1

  • Central Limit Theorom and Confidence Intervals

    Give the notation for the Central Limit Theorom and explain each symbol in it, and then carefully explain its connection with confidence intervals, and with hypothesistesting

  • Antiderivatives

    The question is: Since raindrops grow as they fall, their surfacearea increases and therefore the resistance to their fallingincreases. A raindrop has an initialdownward velocity of 10m/s andits downward acceleration isa=9-0.9tif0if t > 10If the raindrop is initially 500m above the ground, how longdoes it take to fall?