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  • Vectors..10 pts (4)

    Let Calculate:___,____,____ ___,____,___ ___,___,___

  • Surface slope

    Find the slope of the surface given by in the direction of 'x', evaluate at point .a) 0b) ec) 2+2ed) e) 2eShow process.

  • Probability Question with Socks

    Pretend that I have 50 pairs of socks, and each pair is a different color. Suppose all 100 socks are mixed up in a laundry basket. In the dark, I pull out 40 socks atrandom. Part a. What is the probability that I have 20 matching pairs. Part b. What is the probability that I have AT LEAST one matching pair. Part c. What is theprobability that I have EXACTLY k matching pairs. Please leave your answers involving terms like n choose k.My thoughts, obviously, the sample space is 100 choose 40, but where I'm struggling is the actual count of the 3 events. For Part b. it seems simpler to determine thecomplement (no matchings pairs) and then doing 1- the complement. Please help!!

  • A First Course in Probability 8th Edition ch. 6, prob 34P

    The problem states "Jay has two jobs to do, one after the other. Each attempt at jobs i takes one hour and is successful with probability pi. If p1 =.3 and p2 = .4,what is the probability that it will take Jay more than 12 hours to be successful on both jobs?"

  • Dirivative HELP!

    Find the derivative of y=sin-1(x2)

  • graphing functions

  • particular solution of differential equation

    Find the particular solution of the differential equationx^2/(y^2-7) dy/dx=1/2ysatisfying the initial condition y(1)=8 .

  • Draw described figures

    Step 3: Enter your full question details hereLine L is parellel to plane A, plane A is parellel to plane B, and line L is not parellel to plane B.

  • for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4

    for which curve is y a function of x? 9 use-4<t<4) x=t^2 y=t^3

  • trig lifesaver

    Use the half-angle formulas to determine the exact values of thesine, cosine, and tangent of the angle.165°3 sin(165°)=19 cos(165°)=23 tan(165°)=3

  • Integration

    Determine whether the integral is convergent or divergent.

  • Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

    Find all 2x2 matrices such that ad-bc=1 and A^-1=A

  • help me +++++ ANOVA ( minitab 16 )

  • Hyperbolic function

    Prove the hyperbolic function formula: sinhx(2x)=2sinhxcoshx

  • limits (precise definition) will rate

    I need to use thedelta epsilon definitionI can get but Idon't know what to do from here because I can'tfactor it any further.

  • solve the initial value problem

    y"+y=2+x y(0)=1, y'(0)=2

  • Partial Derivatives

    Find the indicated partial derivatives.41. f(x,y,z)= y/(x+y+z), fy(2,1,-1)

  • average rate of change

    Let f(x)=8x2. Find a value A such that the average rate of changeof f(x) from 1 to A equals 88i cantremember to do this. please help

  • quick question

    if a function has cusps, endpoints, jumps, holes or verticalasymtotes, the derivative does not exist.correct ?

  • Intro to quadratic equations