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    Need some guidance on how to tackle this problem. Thank you!

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    Looking for guidance. Below are two paragraphs I wrote concerning how interest rates affect our purchasing. The first sentence in each I have identified as my topic sentence. I question if the major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically.How interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. High interest rates create a disincentive to spend money. Because consumers know they will pay more money over the course of the loan, they may choose to postpone buying expensive items such as cars and homes. Often consumers choose to save their money in an interest-bearing account instead because they are receiving a higher return. Higher interest rates cause deflation, which means the purchasing power of the dollar is stronger. When interest rates are high, there is a much greater supply and fewer buyers causing prices to drop or maintain. Low interest rates affect purchasing habits as well. When interest rates are low, it is more enticing for businesses and consumers to take out loans to finance large purchases. When consumers and businesses have easier access to credit, they spend more money. In most cases, low mortgage rates equate to more home purchases, and low credit card rates cause people to spend more on credit. However, low interest rates generally mean higher prices because there are more buyers and limited supply. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  • 3C++ Question! Need guidance right away!

    Program Specifications:Your program will be converting an input value to several density values. First, you need to ask the user which value they are entering and then ask them if they wantonly one conversion result or the results for ALL options. (Can include the value they are starting with. Do not need to exclude option they select.) You must allerror check the input to be sure they are not entering a negative value. If they do, your program should output an error message and prompt for a value again.Here are the density conversion values you are using:• Kilograms/cubic meter• Gram/liter• Pound/cubic yard• Ounce/cubic inch• Psi/1000 feet• Slug/cubic foot• Grain/gallon• Exogram/literThis is the problem above and I don't know how you would write a program for the density conversion using if/else statement?PLEASE HELP!

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    I would appreciate any guidance on this problem. I need to solve the inequality. State the solution set using interval notation and graph the solution set. 5x - 10x^2 < 0 I can't figure it out. Do you switch the order around to have the squared first?

  • 5Could I get some guidance plsss

    Im confused on the Free Body Diagrams for this one...better understanding Its from the book Vector Mechanics for Eng.. STATICS by beer, johnson, mazurek, eisenberg 9thedi.Its on Chap. 6 # 142Ill give good ratings! :)thank youuuu


    The Fermi level lies 0.516 eV below the conduction band in a sampleof silicon 300 degrees K.a)Find the majority carrier concentration.b) Find the minority carrier concentration (two different ways)please help will rate...info for siliconmn = 1.1 me ==> what does mn anmp stand for?mp = 0.56 meEg = 1.11 eVNc = 2.90E19 cm-3Nv =1.05E19 cm-3ni = 1.0E10 cm-3

  • 7another physics question i need guidance plz

    A concave shaving mirror has a radius of curvature of +33.2 cm. It is positioned so that the (upright) image of a man's face is 2.16 times the size of the face. Howfar is the mirror from the face?

  • 8I think I get this but could use some guidance to make sure, I am having problems with 2e)

    I think I get this but could use some guidance to make sure, I am having problems with 2e). 1)In an article about the financial problems of USA Today, Newsweek, reported that the paper was losing about $20 million a year. A Wall Street analyst said that the paper should raise its price from 50 cents to 75 cents, which he estimated would bring an additional $65 million a year. The paper’s publisher rejected the idea, saying that circulation could drop sharply after a price increase, citing The Wall Street Journal’s experience after it increased its price to 75 cents. What implicit assumptions are the publisher and the analyst making about price elasticity? ANSWER: The analyst is using price effect when looking at the revenue resulting from a price increase. He assumes that by raising the price of a product, the increase in the price itself would increase total revenue. The publisher is look at price elasticity from a quantity effect. Where increasing the price results in a decrease in revenue or a decrease in demand. 2)Assume that the demand for plastic surgery is price inelastic. Are the following statements True or False? Explain? a)When the price of plastic surgery increase, the number of operations decreases. ANSWER: False, price inelastic means that an increase in price has little effect on the quantity demanded. b)The percentage change in the price of plastic surgery is less than the percentage change in the quantity demanded. ANSWER: False, in this scenario the demand would be elastic, not inelastic. c)Changes in the price of plastic surgery do not effect the number of operations. ANSWER: True, this is price inelastic, price does not have an effect on quantity demanded. d)Quantity demanded is quite responsive to changes in price. ANSWER: False, this is price elastic. A change in price effects quantity demanded. e)If more plastic surgery is performed, expenditures on plastic surgery decrease. ANSWER: I’m not sure about this one (help?) f)The marginal revenue of another operations is negative. ANSWER: True. Total revenue declines when price falls, demand is then elastic Thanks, EY 1) first a technical, semantics, point. A "Change in Demand" implies a shift in the demand curve. A change in price is generally a movement along the demand curve, or a "Change in Quantity Demanded" Second, based on the statements, you could infer that the analyst thinks that the demand for Newsweek is price inelastic, while the publisher thinks it is price elastic. 2a) is TRUE. (except if plastic surgery is perfectly inelastic, which is highly unlikely). With an highly inelastic demand, an increase in price will result in a decrease in quantity demanded; just not very much. 2c) this is the same question as 2a. 2e) I understand your confusion; I think the question is short on information. Let me restate the question. "If more plastic surgery is performed BECAUSE OF A REDUCTION IN PRICE, expenditures on plastic surgery will decrease?" Answer is TRUE. Total initial expenditure is P*Q. What if the elasticity is say -.1 (highly inelastic). Then a 10% price decrease will result in a 1% change in quantity. So new expenditue is: (.9*P)*(1.01*Q). Which must be smaller than the initial total expenditure. 2f) answer is True, but your reasoning is off. If total revenue declines when price falls then demand is INELASTIC.

  • 9i need help really bad i have a beginning to my essay but i need a little guidance to finish it off

    i need help really bad i have a beginning to my essay but i need a little guidance to finish it off...here's the question: [1. Write a four paragraph literary essay in response to the following question. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. You may use your books and other notes you have during the course for reference.This semester you read several memoirs, including pieces by Ernesto Galarza and Russell Baker. Return to “Barrio Boy” and “No Gumption” now. How are these two memoirs similar? How are they different? In what ways are the authors’ choices and depictions related to the subject matter of their stories?] and the beginning of my answer is: Memoirs are not just regular stories or fairytales. They are flashbacks in a persons’ life that has stuck with them and are important to them. Every memoir is different and alike in more than one way. “Barrio Boy” and “No Gumption” are two of these memoirs

  • 10Through their guidance and love, they have changed me in many ways

    Through their guidance and love, they have changed me in many ways. Is the above sentence grammatically correct?Thanks! :]

  • 11Proof concerning natural numbers. Guidance needed!

    Good day to all,In one of our problem sets, I am asked to show that there exists a natural number that cannot be expressed as follows: a^2 + b^2 + c^3 where a, b and are naturalnumbers.I realize that this question is not th most difficult but I am stuck. I am not looking for the answer but rather a nudge in the right direction. Any help would begreatly appreciated.

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    Hi there,I am having some trouble solving this problem, can you give some guidance as to the solution.What is the amount of 10 equal annual deposits that can provide five annual withdrawals, when a first withdrawal of $1000 is made at the end of year 11, and subsequent withdrawals increase at the rate of 6% per year over the previous year's, if(a)The interest rate is 8%, compounded annually?(b)The interest rate is 6%, compounded annually?