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QRead the following paragraphs carefully and compare them

Read the following paragraphs carefully and compare them.

Paragraph #1
Since every person has only one opportunity to live each hour of his life, the time must be spent wisely. He should spend it thoughtfully. He should care what he does with his time. He should use good judgment. He should be intelligent in his choices. You never ought to waste time. It is too precious. You shouldn't waste electricity either. Turn out the lights when you leave a room. Money doesn't grow on trees. If it did, I'd get a money tree right now. I do have some money saved up, and when I get enough, I plan to buy a car. What I want is a '57 Chevy, two door. I saw one advertised the other day, but the guy wanted too much for it. I watch the ads in our paper every night. One day there will be a good buy. A friend of mine got a neat car that way. I wish I had his. I'd soup it up like nobody ever has. Dad would say "to fare thee well." That's the way he talks. He's a pretty neat guy. He works at U.S. Motors as a superintendent. They have a good plant there. Dad thinks that maybe I can get a job there this summer. If anybody can pull it off, he can. That would be spending my time wisely. Which is what life is all about. I'm going to a junior college in the fall. You can't spend time any wiser than that. Everybody knows that. Data Processing and Computer Technology, that's what I'm going to take. There's money in that. It's going nowhere but up. You've got to admit that's wise.

Paragraph #2
Since every person has only one opportunity to live each hour of his life, the time must be spent wisely. The way one spends his time depends largely on his attitude toward himself and others. If he hates himself when he gets up in the morning, his day will be frittered away in self-pity, disgust, and lack of interest. Since he dislikes himself, his lessons will bore him, his teacher will irritate him, and his friends will irk him; in fact, the day will be a sweeping nonsuccess. On the other hand, if a person realizes that each day is a gift, he will make the most of it. He will discipline himself to study, being willing to postpone other attractions. He will view added responsibilities as challenges, not as burdens. When the teacher asks him to write a report on the findings of his committee on the life of the tsetse fly, he will perceive the assignment as one more opportunity to practice his organizational and writing skills; he will not groan in disbelief. When his instructor asks him to help clean up the mess in the back corner from the chemistry experiment, he will consent happily and begin the clean-up operation as soon as possible, rather than grumbling, "Why me?" When he plays football, he'll throw every ounce of strength and desire and know-how into each play. When he studies geometry, even though he can't see how it will help him be a better law enforcement officer, he will discipline himself to learn each theorem. He will figure that his parents and teachers probably know a few things about life that he hasn't discovered yet. He will value every moment and apply himself to the task of using it intelligently.

In the paragraph box below, name which paragraph above fails to fulfill the characteristics of a quality expository paragraph and explain why it does not. Write in complete sentences, being as specific as possible

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#1AnnaaAnswered at 2013-02-25 05:26:54
If y ou understand what an expository paragraph should have, this will be easy. Try some of the following links for ideas and information:


#2AnonymousAnswered at 2015-09-17 07:51:41
Which of the paragraphs contains sentences all of which clearly support and develop the topic sentence? 1 2 both neither
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Read the following paragraphs carefully and compare them

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