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I usually good in solving word problems in statistics

Could you help me?

I usually good in solving word problems in statistics. But I am confused, and when and if I get an answer I'm not confident it's right, or if it was necessary to do some of the steps.

The problem is:

A local country club has a membership of 600 and operates facilities that include an 18-hole championship golf course and 12 tennis courts. Before deciding whether to accept new members, the club president would like to know how many members regularly use each facility. A survey of the membership indicates that 63% regularly use the golf course, 48% regularly use the tennis courts, and 7% use neither of these facilities regularly. What percentage of the 600 use at least one of the golf or tennis facilities?

I thought first I should convert the percents into decimals So then .63, .48, and .07 I'm stuck from there! I needed help asap, and I'm not sure where to go from here.

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#1erode kathirvelAnswered at 2013-03-09 04:21:14
lots of numbers and extraneous information if 7% use neither, then 93% use one or the other or both (at least one of...)
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I usually good in solving word problems in statistics

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