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Qa map is printed on a scale of 1:100

a map is printed on a scale of 1:100. the chart shows two towns 3 inches apart. what fractional part if a mile are the two towns actually apart?

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#1sheenaAnswered at 2014-05-11 06:28:10
<font face="Garamond" size="+2"> Something is very fishy with the way you presented the scale for this map. 1:100 is totally inappropriate for a map that actually shows two different towns. But presuming that you wrote it properly, 1:100 means that one unit of measure on the map translates to 100 of the same units of measure in real life. That is, 3 inches on the map is 300 inches in real life. 300 divided by 12 is 25, so 3 inches represents 25 feet, and 25 feet divided by 5280 feet/mile = roughly 0.005 miles. 25 feet being roughly the length of your classroom, your map shows two towns that are for all intents and purposes right next to each other. To put it in another perspective, if each of the towns were only one mile wide -- very small towns indeed --, then your map would have to be printed on a piece of paper that is about 106 feet wide in order to show the entirety of both towns. John *[tex \LARGE e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0] </font>
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a map is printed on a scale of 1:100

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