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QHurdles While Using Technology in Education

Lack of awareness:

This is another hurdle which schools are facing, and they
are failed to find the solution for it. The teachers who supposed to be the
instructor and have a job to introduce students to new educational technologies
are himself not aware of such technological wonders. They belong to the same
sort of schools and colleges which still rely on outdated textbooks that are
the reason why all the technology is still invisible from their sight.
Furthermore, there is no concept of teachers training and introducing new
teaching methods and applications to make teaching easier for them which is
affecting the overall educational activity and so that individuals go for online dissertation writers .

Improper Infrastructure: 

The final hurdle of this list is the infrastructure of
schools and colleges which are not good enough for the use of technology. The
government not only have to deal with lack of funding in bringing the technology
in their school and colleges, but they also have to build the proper
infrastructure for that before introducing it. Out of numerous flaws in
infrastructure, access to the Internet is the most basic one. Ensuring Internet
network in schools and colleges can help this cause in bringing the schools of
developed and developing countries on the same page. 


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Hurdles While Using Technology in Education

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